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Wu Liang Ye 52% Baijiu

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Wuliangye This superior spirit still follows the traditional production process, from fermentation in the aged cellars & years-long brewing to a final appropriate blending. The ancient cellar group of Wuliangye is China’s oldest existing crypt-type fermentation pits group, passed down from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.). The Wuliangye Company Group, also known as the ‘King of Chinese Liquor Industry’, is situated on the bank of the Minjiang River, north of Yibin City, Sichuan Province in South-West China. It is known as the “First Major City along the Yangtze River”.

Wu Liang Ye Baijiu is an iconic rice liquor produced by Wuliangye Yiban Company Ltd out of the Yibin district of the Sichuan Province, China. Crafted using the purest spring water from Yibin's local spring, this luxury white spirit is formulated using 5 distinct organic ingredients; Pros millet (broomcorn), glutinous rice, long grain rice, wheat, and corn. Bottled at 52% ABV, this clear baijiu is distilled in a subtropical climate and features aromatic notes and flavors of herbs, island pineapple, soy sauce, and licorice. Crafted with expertise and painstaking attention to detail, Wu Liang Ye Baijiu is a high-quality spirit made in the iconic China region style.