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Rabbit Hole Amburana Founders Collection 12yr Bourbon

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For this limited release, we took an exceptional 12 Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon and -finished it in new Amburana Brazilian Oak barrels. These barrels have a heavy toast and #4 char. Toasting the barrel is a slow process that coaxes the sugars from it's fibers and opens the wood. The fitting alligator char caramelizes these sugars and causes the wood to peel, allowing the spirit to draw out nuanced flavors from the barrel.

Golden amber color highlights Amburana's strong character while fragrances of vanilla, toasted walnut, caramel, and cherry, raise expectations. Complemented by a palate of ginger snaps, stone fruit, cinnamon, mint, caramelized sugar and wine, before finishing with a leather-earthy hint of nutmeg, baking spice and tobacco leaf.

ABV: 62.7%