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Platinum 7X Vodka 12 Bottle Case

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12 Bottle Case


The ultra-smooth vodka in a chiseled blue bottle, Platinum 7X is everything a vodka should be. Distilled seven times, Platinum 7X Vodka makes a bold impression, delivering purity and smoothness at an attractive price.

The Platinum 7X Vodka experience is one that easily rivals that of more expensive brands, and has earned the Beverage Testing Institute's “Highly Recommended” and “Best Buy” ratings, as well as two consecutive gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Experience Platinum 7X Vodka today — because a bold statement has never been so smooth.


Established in 1996, Platinum 7X was first conceived to deliver an American-made vodka with a smooth, clean and crisp style. With great care and meticulous detail, the Platinum team has been able to craft something truly exceptional.

Given the increasing demand from consumers for higher quality vodka at a reasonable price, Platinum 7X Vodka has quickly become the preferred choice of informed consumers.

This top selling brand delivers a consistent quality vodka experience time after time and is perfect for sipping chilled or for mixing cocktails.


Platinum 7X is distilled seven times from high-quality American grain. Careful attention is paid throughout the distillation process to ensure the highest quality product is crafted. 100% pure water is then used to finish the vodka and bring it to 80 proof. The result is remarkable vodka with a clean, refreshing, ultra-smooth taste that delivers a memorable drinking experience every time.

The 7X represents the 7 times distillation process — an important detail that sets our vodka apart from the rest.