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Tripp Distillery Pacifica Gin

by Tripp
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A winner of a Silver Medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, our Pacifica Gin begins its life as rum kept in French oak barrels from Napa just long enough for the chemical reactions between oxygen, carbon and alcohol to soften the youthful nature of the spirit. Once mellowed, the rum is filtered through the coconut shells and re-distilled with a mix of English and California botanicals in our copper Scotch Whiskey Still.  The emerald green color is derived from botanicals that include butterfly chickpea flowers.

Though the formula is inspired by a traditional recipe, this is not your grandfather’s gin. And, if you are lucky you can see the louche effect when Pacifica Gin is mixed with very cold ice.  Add some acid, such as tonic water or lemon juice, and watch the gin change colors.

ABV: 40%