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McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin Ultraviolet Edition

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To make McQueen and the Violet Fog 'Ultraviolet Edition', we begin with our award-winning formula, 21 different botanicals in our single traditional pot still. Rose petal, coriander, and rosemary come to the fore, alongside exotic ingredients like lemongrass, pomelo, and jasmine flower. The twists that make Ultraviolet Edition unique are the additions of natural flavors hibiscus, red berries, natural juices, and carmine to give this gin its beautiful violet color.

The result is an exquisite spirit with the smoothness and character of our flagship McQueen and the Violet Fog, but with added complexities of tartness, sweetness, and earthy notes that emerge from the hibiscus flower and berry flavors. McQueen and the Violet Fog Ultraviolet Edition is the perfect ingredient for a jaw-dropping cocktail.

The extraordinary violet hue of our Ultraviolet Edition changes color with a splash of tonic or citrus!

ABV: 40%