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Horse Soldier Barrel Strength

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Backstories. In the world of Spirits, they possess the power to make the tasting experience more enticing. At American Freedom Distillery that power is tenfold. Founded by a group of ex-Special Forces veterans, first to charge into post-9/11 Afghanistan on horseback, the distillery and its products are the result of military determination and the belief in doing the right thing. In this case, that thing is Bourbon. 

The Bourbon’s name, Horse Soldier, is a referral to the heroic Green Berets and their daring mission. But in terms of Spirits, it’s much more than that. Co-founder of American Freedom Distillery, Scott Neil, says that the juice inside the bottle has to be just as exceptional as the story behind it. And it is. Released in 2017, the Horse Soldier Reserve Barrel Strength Bourbon is the newest addition to the range and offers the most robust expression thus far. Each batch contains a mash bill of yellow dent corn, red winter wheat and malted barley. It’s then fermented and distilled before being aged for 8 years in charred American oak casks. Perfect on its own or in a refreshing Old Fashioned, sipping on this stuff is like singing an ode to bravery, freedom, and damn good Bourbon Whiskey.