Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Scotch Whiskey


After 14 years maturing in casks that previously held bourbon, our Scotch whisky is finished in deep charred new American oak bourbon barrels from Kentucky for a rich, sweet and vibrant malt. It’s the first time Malt Master Brian Kinsman has bottled a whisky exclusively matured in two types of bourbon barrels.

Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Scotch Whiskey Tasting Notes

When it reaches 14 years, our whisky has developed beautiful, deeply sweet flavors of creamy toffee and our signature ripe summer fruit. Extra aging in new American oak casks from Kentucky wakes it up with a bold vanilla punch, overlaid with notes of fresh oak and velvety caramel.

Color | Copper Oak

NOSE | Deep vibrant vanilla notes with hints of citrus, caramelized brown sugar and cinnamon. Baked apple and ripe summer fruits and balanced with the rich oaky aromas.

TASTE | Beautifully rich and sweet with layers of creamy toffee, woody spices, candied orange peel and fresh toasted oak.

FINISH | Long lasting with lingering sweetness.

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