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Dark Arts Straight Rye 7 Year Whiskey Amburana Oak Staves Finish 108 Proof 750ml

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Amburana Oak aka “Brazilian Oak” has been used in Brazil for many decades to age Cachaça. It has only recently made its way into the US whiskey market. When we began our wood experiments, we wanted to enhance our rye whiskey with the natural wood flavors Amburana Oak imparts. Our master alchemists worked to create a custom toast profile to match our Rye whiskey profile. The combination is powerful and warming but not overdone.

We take rye whiskey that is at least 6 years old and add custom toasted Amburana Oak Staves for the last few weeks of aging to impart natural wood flavors of gingerbread, spice and warm notes that play off of the underlying spice of the base Rye whiskey. The layers of complexity on the nose are sure to arouse your palate and please a crowd of bourbon enthusiasts.

ABV: 54%