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Westside Water Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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A lot of time and patience goes into the making of a good bourbon. It all starts with a barrel. We use new American Oak barrels that are charred inside to caramelize the naturally occurring sugars in the wood and give a smooth, delicious finish to the whiskey.  The Westside water blue label bourbon enters the barrel at 130 proof after being distilled from our mash of corn, rye, and malted barley. To choose the mash bill itself, we tried dozens of iterations until we found one that we felt would please just about any whiskey drinker. Something with character to stand out from the rest.  After aging for between 2-3 years the barrels are pulled and sampled. If they pass the taste and color test  they are cut to 90 proof using California mountain water and bottled. Our bourbon is consistently good and consistently well priced. All the Westsiders should be able to enjoy a good whiskey. Cheers to you!