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Kweichow Moutai 30 Year Baijiu

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A perfect combination of grains and seasonal flavors offering the charms of time perfected elegance

Like the 15 year old, Kweichow Moutai's 30 Year Old baijiu departs from the classic 'clear' spirit, ageing for 3 decades to produce a golden spirit that's swimming with flavor. Expect a fragrant and aromatic experience defined by bold baking undertones, subtle smoke and a well rounded heat.

ACL: 53%

Origin: Moutai, Guizhou Province, China

Mash: 50% Sorghum, 50% Wheat

Eye: Light golden
Nose: With clear layers, the rich, mild, and aged sauce aroma is mixed nutty aroma, and smoky flavor

Tongue: Mellow, smooth, with a long-lasting round and sweet aftertaste