Widow Jane Decadence


When the Widow Jane team set out to produce their own whiskey they wanted to offer something that was flavor-forward, bold and rich with character, but most importantly had a taste of New York. All Widow Jane whiskeys are proofed with pure limestone water from the legendary Rosendale Mines of NY, just 100 miles north from their home in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was limestone from this mine which was used to build the foundation of some of New York’s greatest structures: the gargantuan caissons of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, and the 27,000-ton pedestal to the Statue of Liberty.

This self-renewing source of water is naturally filtered through limestone and collects in the massive underground caverns. Comprised of an unusually high mineral content that enhances the natural flavors in Widow Jane spirits, this water is their fingerprint and a signature ingredient. And the legend surrounding these mines is what gives Widow Jane whiskey its name.

The result is some of the finest aged Bourbon you will find, and a tasting experience complete with beautiful aromas, a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, and an ultra-long finish. Both urban & urbane, Widow Jane is New York’s very own. The signature whiskey of the world’s most magnificent and maddening metropolis.

Widow Jane Decadence holds a special place in their lineup. It is a blend of some of their most legendary bourbons that has been finished in Crown Maple's Maple Syrup Barrels. Crown Maple is a premium brand of maple syrup that hails from an artisanal organic maple farm in New York's Hudson Valley. Finishing this blend in ex-maple syrup barrels imparts a distinct flavor and makes for a truly unique drinking experience. The end result is a whiskey that is exceptionally rich and creamy with a prominent sweetness that is as decadent as the name implies.

  • Batch # 1
  • Date - 2020

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