The Clover Single Barrel Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey 10 Year Old 750ml


The Clover Collection features barrels created to explore the boundaries of aroma and flavor, sourced from world class distilleries whose operations and ownership we respect and admire. To preserve the nuance and complexity of the whiskey, these premium barrels are proofed, chill-filtered and bottled as true single barrel whiskeys. Never blended. FIRST RELEASE: SEPTEMBER 2018. The Single-Barrel Straight Tennessee Bourbon is aged ten years, producing an exceptionally rich flavor and incredibly smooth finish. With an aroma of toasted oak and a taste of caramel, forward vanilla and a slight char. The finish is long, smooth and soft. The primary factor that distinguishes a Tennessee whiskey from a traditional Bourbon whiskey is the Lincoln County Process. This process steeps the whiskey in maple sugar-infused charcoal chips before it enters the cask. The result is a complex aroma and slight char, and the process beautifully mellows the whiskey.

Official Nose: Aroma of toasted oak.
Official Taste: A taste of caramel, forward vanilla and slight char.
Official Finish: Finishes long, smooth & soft.

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