Rare Perfection 12 Year Bourbon Whiskey


Rare Perfection is a boutique bourbon brand owned by Allied Lomar in California, who's other products include Very Olde St. Nick, Wattie Boone and the Old Man Winter bottles. They have been sourcing bourbon and bottling it for several decades, and they are all easily identified by their uniform use of the same cursive script-style typeface. Company president, Marci Palatella, was Julian Van Winkle III's agent in the Japanese market for many years, and their early bottlings were contracted to him in his Old Commonwealth distillery.

The Van Winkle partnership with Sazerac in the early 2000s ended this agreement however, with the production of bottles such as this moved to Willett distillery, where they were bottled by its owners, Evan Kulsveen's  Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. The stills at Willett were silent at this point and KBD were sourcing most of their bourbon from Heaven Hill. It is likely that this is where this bourbon came from.  

This is a very small batch 12 year old bourbon, bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers at Willett. Although the Willett distillery is producing its own liquid again now, the still there were silent from the early 1980's until 2012.

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