Michter's 10 Year Rye


This 10-year straight rye whiskey is the first released in over a year. Last year’s was very well reviewed, and this one is just as exciting. Since this is going to be a sourced barrel, it is a good representation of the quality that they are working with in their batches. At their new facility, their batches are a maximum of 24 barrels, which is a much smaller batch than many of the ‘small batch’ whiskies available. They also dilute before adding to the barrel rather than after, helping with the big flavor of the resulting product.

Closely monitored barrel production, 100% copper stills, proper grain sourcing, and temperature controlled aging all make it seem that no shortcuts are taken. They have a quote on their website that claims “Cost Be Damned!” This all contributes to why the Michter’s line, which includes four core items plus many special or limited releases, is gaining love and attention in the whiskey world. - Whisky Wash

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