Marti Autentico Rum Combo


3 Bottle Rum Combo 

1 Bottle Marti Autentico Estate Strength 

Sweet maple up front with rich and remarkable mouthfeel. Jam, dried fruit and coffee cake midpalate followed by a finish replete with toasted hazelnuts, marzipan and black pepper.

1 Bottle Marti Autentico Plata
Wonderful texture with vanilla bean, cane sugar and citrusy mango upfront. Hints of key lime pie with an earthy ripeness mid palate with a pit of oak and campfire on the finish.

1 Bottle Marti Autentico Dorado

Rich crème bruleé and molasses up front with dried apricot and pineapple, French vanilla bean reminiscent of toasted marshmallow, balanced by a hint of dry green olive midpalate. Peppery winter spice with a hint of mint on the finish.

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