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Jiangsu Shuanggou LvSu Mian Rou Su Jiu Shuang Gou Jiu Ye Baijiu

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Shuanggou is a critical brand within the YangHe portfolio. In 2019, Yanghe was the third most valuable spirit brand in the world listed by The Drinks Business, coming in after Moutai and Wuliangye and just before Luzhou Laojiao, Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniel’s. Shougou products are produced with long fermentation cycles and slow distillation to achieve the rich and subtle characteristics known for the brand. Shuanggou distillery is location near Shuanggou Town which is famous for the fossil "Drunken Ape". LvSu is the flagship product of the Shuanggou brand.