Heaven Hill 27 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey


All the barrels used in the production of this release were distilled by Master Distiller Parker Beam and filled between 1989 and 1990, meaning they all survived the 1996 fire that destroyed Old Heaven Hill Springs Distillery.

Furthermore, when the barrels were mingled, the natural proof was a surprisingly low 94.7, allowing us to produce a unique barrel proof product.

A 27-year-old barrel proof whiskey is hard to imagine when barrel proof typically implies whiskeys (often far younger than this) will have proofs well north of 110. That surprising proof point was achieved by choosing nearly every barrel for this release from the lower floors of our warehouses where temps are mostly cool.

Under those conditions, more whiskey than water evaporates from the barrel, lowering proof in the process. The opposite happens on upper floors, where temps soar to 115 degrees or more, and water evaporation occurs more rapidly.

With this selection of pre-fire, Parker-distilled, irreproducible whiskey sitting on our campus, we were confident we could make a powerful statement – not just on the label, but in the mouths of our fans.

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