Found North 18 Year Old Cask Strength Whisky Batch 004


The Found North Batch 003 whiskey was built around a 21 year corn component, a naturally sweet 25 year corn component aged in Hungarian oak, balanced against two different ryes whiskies, both aged for 18 years. The first was aged in ex-Speyside scotch casks providing bright, fresh fruit. The second was aged in re-charred American oak. The 2,746 bottle batch features 18-25 year old whiskies, clocks in at 62.4% ABV, with a final recipe of 80% corn, 19% rye, and 1% barley.

If you like that extra sweetness, then the Batch 004 is your baby. It’s as rich and woody as it is powerful, and both of those flavor profiles are battling for dominance as the liquid passes over your palate. Once again, the George T. Stagg comparison is what comes to mind: a blistering whiskey with such strength and complexity that it’s almost impossible for your mouth to take it all in.

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