Compass Box Oak Cross

Compass Box was founded in 2000 by entrepreneurial visionary John Glaser, in London, England. After being in the wine industry, Glaser made the move to Diageo, where he came into the whisky industry. Compass Box is known to challenge convention and tradition in pursuit of “whisky and its enjoyment.” Located in a seemingly incongruous London England, Compass Box is not a Scottish distiller but a blender Scottish whiskies, combining the best casks from Islay, Speyside and the Highlands, and aging them in “a variety of woods from sherry casks to toasted French oak.” 

Glaser pushed the boundaries of innovation to new levels with his art of “whiskymaking,” by producing his innovative French New Oak casks heads, made by a small mill in France that produces high quality cooperatione oak. Through sheer alchemy, this experimental secondary maturation of malt whiskies give Compass Box blends a complexity of character different than most Scottish Whiskies. 40% of the whisky in Oak cross is finished with this technique. 

Oak Cross is part of the Signature Range of Compass Box with clove and fruity characteristics. This Highland blend contains 60% malt whisky from the villages of Brora, giving the blend its fruity character. It is also 20% malt whisky from the village of Carron which contributes to the blend’s meaty quality, and 20% malt whisky from Alness, providing the expression with perfumed fragrant notes. For the primary maturation stage, all of the whiskies are aged in a variety of American oak casks. The 60% of this blend that is not re-casked in the hybrid barrels is matured for an extra 6 months in first fill American standard oak barrels. 

The marrying casks are a mix of first fill Bourbon Barrels and their proprietary “Oak Cross” casks made of American and new French oaks.

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