Barrell Whiskey Infinite Barrel Project


So what’s an “Infinity” bottle? Have you seen the film Gangs of New York? In one scene the remnants of other customers' drinks were poured into a barrel labeled “All Sorts”. Don’t be alarmed that’s not the case here, whiskey collectors and connoisseurs take the last remains of each whisk(e)y bottle as they finish it, and pour them into their own bottle set aside just for this. 

 Barrell takes it one step higher honoring this Infinity bottle tradition with their Infinite Bottle Project. The Infinite Barrel contains fractions of many whiskey barrels in a single blend, the objective is to create a unique blend for every bottling. Unlike the solera process which takes fractions of the original whiskey and places them in many barrels.

 The Barrell Infinite Project bottled of September 20th 2019 consists of:

 •    Tennessee Whiskey and Rye

•    Indiana Whiskey finished in Oloroso Sherry butts

•    Indiana Rye

•    100% Polish Malted Rye finished in Curaçao barrels

•    Scotch Whisky

•    Irish Whiskey

 These bottles won’t last long and are guaranteed to be a hit with all whisk(e)y aficionados. 

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