Apothic Pinot Noir


Apothic Pinot Noir is a bold, yet lighter-bodied, red wine. Bright layers of crushed raspberry and ripe cherry meet aromas of Tahitian vanilla. The mouthfeel is round and opulent, leading to a detailed, lingering finish.

Winemaking Notes:
We selected Pinot Noir grapes from Lodi for their red fruit profiles and soft, approachable tannins. Syrah was blended with the Pinot Noir to complement the dark cherry flavors with soft blueberry notes. To brighten the acidity and add notes of red currant, we blended unique Graciano grapes into the wine. The grapes were destemmed with marginal crushing and cold soaked overnight to encourage extraction of the fruit’s alluring color and tannins.

Alcohol: 14%

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