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Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco Tequila 70th Anniversary Edition

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Our people’s hands transform the fruit of the agave -the piña- into this unique tequila with which we celebrate the first seventy years of our house.

For this special edition, we used 100% tahona mill, a method used at Casa Siete Leguas since 1952 and to date. The tahona is a stone mill with which the cooked agave is crushed to extract its juice, which at the same time is macerated with the agave fiber in a completely natural way, letting the juice and the fiber of the cooked agave rest in open-air tanks which are exposed to the wild yeasts of Casa Siete Leguas. The environment surrounded by citrus and fruit trees is a fundamental part of the flavor and aroma of Siete Leguas.

ABV: 42%