Blanton's Bourbon


Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

  • In the winter of 1881, Albert Bacon Blanton was naturally introduced to one of the principal families of whiskey history. At sixteen years old, he began work in the Distillery as an office kid and quick turned into a main pioneer in the improvement of whiskey. From the time he was made organization president in 1921 until his retirement in 1952, his Distillery extended from 44 to 144 structures to end up the biggest Distillery of its day. Amid that period Colonel Blanton made his exceptionally extraordinary and constrained supply of whiskey – his private save – handpicked and put away in what presently is known as the acclaimed Warehouse H. Despite the fact that Colonel Blanton passed on in the spring of 1959, his inheritance lives. Presented in 1984, Blanton’s namesake whiskey was the principal ever Single Barrel Bourbon sold financially. The Single Barrel Bourbon is the first of its kind.


  • Scotch is coming to the realm - White Walker by Johnnie Walker.  The White Walker by Johnnie Walker is blended Scotch Whisky inspired by these chill inducing White Walkers.

    Blended by whisky specialist George Harper, this blend is designed to be served directly from the freezer. “Freeze for an unexpected icy reveal,” the label commands, also noting that the whisky includes Cardhu and Clynelish malts (Scotland’s most Northern distilleries), and is “distilled, bottled, and blended North of the Wall.” When frozen, the bottle’s temperature-sensitive thermochromic ink displays the legend “Winter is Here.” 

    Winter is Coming. 41.7% ABV (1 Throne . 7 kingdoms). Blend is high in vanilla, red fruits, and orchard fruits - Top Taste Profile in Whisky. Chill-filtered makes for SMOOTH AND APPROACHABLE taste.

    Note: this special edition does not come with a box or any other packaging aside from the special bottle that transforms in the ice chest.

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