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Redwood Empire Rocket Top Straight Rye 4 Bottle Combo

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4 Bottle Combo
1 Bottles of Pipe Dream Bourbon
Named for the 14th tallest tree on the planet, Pipe Dream is our first Bourbon whiskey. Pipe Dream Bourbon is made from a high corn mash-bill and blended from barrels aged between four and twelve years. Smooth and complex, it is a true sipping whiskey.

1 Bottles of Emerald Giant Rye Whiskey
Named after the fastest growing Redwood in the world, Emerald Giant is a fan favorite in the Rye world. We started with a mash-bill of 95% premium rye and aged it for over 3 years in new charred oak barrels. Spicy with an exceptionally smooth finish, it is a great choice in your classic whiskey cocktails.

1 Bottles of Empire Lost Monarch Whiskey
Named after the world’s largest coastal Redwood, Lost Monarch whiskey has a name to live up to. An award winning bourbon-rye blend with an exceptional balance of sweetness and spice. The perfect choice for those who just can’t decide between rye or bourbon, we call it “the best of both worlds.”


1 Bottles of Rocket Top Straight Rye
Redwood Empire Rocket Top Rye is a blend of 3 to 5-year-old barrels in 53 gallon American White Oak barrels. It’s delightful tannin filled flavor palette imparts a complexity of deeply aged flavors.