Elijah Craig Ryder Cup 2023 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


This limited edition starts with our fully-matured Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon that we finish in new European Oak barrels. The toast on these barrels evokes the flavors of the Lazio wine growing region in and around Rome, where the 2023 Ryder Cup is being held at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club September 29th through October 1st.

European oak, with its ability to integrate flavors subtly and softly, effortlessly balances the sweetness and spiciness of the Lazio-inspired toast profile with the elevated character of our fully-matured Bourbon. This edition leads with a nose of caramel and crème brûlée and once tasted, bright fruit notes burst onto the palate after initial notes of baking spices. The finish is moderately long and is dominated by spice.

ABV: 47%

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