291 Barrel Proof DLW Single Barrel Pick 5 Bottle Flight

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5 Bottle Flight

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Barrel # 612

Fruit and floral forward—lemon, plums, cherries, and carnations, along
with oak, herbal tea and cloves. The oak presence is more pronounced
on the palate with dried fruits, cinnamon, and clove.

64.1% Alc 

128.2 Proof 

Barrel # 614

Overripe banana, caramel, toffee, spearmint, and oak on the nose.
Toffee, spearmint, cedar, and orange zest make themselves known on
the palate.

63.9% Alc

127.8 Proof  

Barrel # 615

Butterscotch, spearmint, leather, and orange marmalade on the first
impression of the aroma. The orange marmalade and mint are on the
palate, along with apple skins and a good amount of white pepper and

 63.8% Alc 

127.7 Proof 

Barrel # 619

Banana on this nose too, with eucalyptus, almond, pine sap, and plum
skins. Lots of white pepper and clove on the palate, with an oaky and
earthy finish.

64.2% Alc

128.4 Proof  

Barrel # 621

Bananas Foster and butterscotch on the nose with oak and pine. The
palate is woodsy with cedar and bright eucalyptus, and with dried fruits to
round out the sweetness.

69.9% Alc

127.9 Proof 


Reviewed by Youtube Star and Bourbon Enthusiast My Bourbon Journey 

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